Flow-through rack tracks Type 750

Minimising storage costs and optimising operational processes are just two of the many strengths of Rollex roller tracks. They also include flexible integration into your warehouse system. Whether as FiFo or LiFo rack, 20 kg or 1,300 kg pallets, shelf or floor track, forklift, RBG or manual lift truck operation - the application variants are practically unlimited.

Fifo tracks

Rollex implements the FIFO principle with continuous flow racks. The Rollex system is characterised by top quality in processing. The track modules are preassembled at the factory. The carrier rollers generally only need to be inserted into the modules. The time saved reduces assembly costs and the possible costs during service and repair work.

Lifo tracks

In push-back racks, up to six pallets can be stored one after the next. The speed of operation depends on the operating unit (generally a forklift). Brake rollers or brake carrier rollers can also be used.