Warehouse system warehouse principle: FIFO & LIFO

FIFO – continuous flow racks

The goods are stored in a mobile fashion on carrier rollers and transported to the removal position without additional energy – simply with gravity.


  • Easy monitoring of shelf life data
  • No IT control; the principle is self-operating
  • Short control pathways when picking orders
  • Space savings in comparison with other storage systems
  • Optimum utilisation of shelf area
  • The spatial separation of the feed and removal optimises work procedures and area utilisation
  • Permanently high fill level on the removal side: The goods continue rolling on their own after removal

LIFO – push-back racks

Push-back racks work on an LIFO principle. That is, the goods stored last are the first to be removed. Up to six 1000 kg pallets can be inserted into the channel using a forklift. Separation and braking is generally not necessary – resulting in significant cost advantages over continuous flow racks.


  • Optimum space utilisation
  • The loading and removal from one side makes it possible to position the shelves against the wall of the building.