An astounding number of things to offer!

You already know Rollex as a component supplier. But did you know that we can also offer complete LiFo ans FiFo racks – from planning to production and from construction to commissioning?

In over 25 years of making warehouse systems, we have always met every possible technical challenge. Today, we have a wealth of experience that allows us to transform your requirements into economically optimum solutions.

Our team will be happy to support you – just ask!

The total package is OK

We at Rollex view every order as a challenge for us, our products and our staff. A challenge that we meet with dedication.

Decide on a Rollex complete solution and be impressed by our overall performance. Starting from the use of brand-name shelves, and including high-quality materials, and professional, efficient installation teams.

Because our expectation is as simple as it is clear: To solve your problem efficiently.