Pallet rail - that is the way they work

The use of Rollex roller rails offers unbeatable advantage over the conventional static storage of goods when it comes to flexibility, handling, and time and cost savings.

Typ 726

Carrying capacity 20 N per roller

Application areas: Roller tracks, roller carpets, guide rails, work tables, chaining of work tables

The type 726 roller rail is ideal for transporting lightweight, smaller conveyed materials from A to B as quickly as possible. Rollers with a flange keep the transport material safely on track.


Typ 723

Carrying capacity 100 N per roller (plastic)
Carrying capacity 200 N per roller (steel)

Application areas: For transporting cardboard and plastic containers, continuous flow racks, picking warehouses, guide rails, installation machines

Assembled with plastic or steel rollers, the Type 723 is the all-rounder in the roller rail product line. The application options are nearly limitless. Galvanised steel profiles ensure a long service life.


Typ 720

Carrying capacity 1.500 N per roller

Application areas: Pallet transport, internal transport, chaining of workstations, lateral guide rails.

The workhorse in the Rollex product line effortlessly moves the greatest of weights. The mutually tuned components and ease of handling permit roller tracks to be assembled with ease.