Profitable wide view.

Planning in advance is an important part of any construction plan. To take advantage of the main advantages of Rollex roller tracks, it's important to think about some restrictions and influence variables in advance. The Rollex Förderelemente GmbH & Co. KG team is the competent partner at your side.

The roller track suitability of loaders

This includes the running behaviour of pallets or other loading devices on roller tracks. We can help you determine the roller track suitability of your conveyed materials – in case of doubt, a test run can help find the right solution.

The harsh demands of the day-to-day

When there are just a few minutes to load the truck, for example, it is not unusual for industrial trucks to hit the track components. The components should be able to withstand this kind of treatment. Ensure a stable construction to provide fully functionality and safety for the long haul, and use surface-treated components appropriate to the application.

Dimensioning and equipment

A significant characteristic of continuous flow racks is that only gravity is enough to convey materials to the removal point. The goods should be moved independently, slowly and securely to the removal side. Get advice on the type and quantity of carrier and brake rollers as well as their arrangement and track slopes.