Solution-oriented variety

Rollex systems are flexible in use. Wherever the optimum use of space and high turnover are an issue, Rollex warehouse systems are the first choice as, for example, a FIFO system in the food industry or as a space-saving warehouse system in the beverage industry.


  • Buffer storage
    As buffer storage in production, the storage and removal of goods takes place using automatically guided shelf service units, that, for brief internal buffering between two work steps.
  • Finished goods storage
    Depending on the size of the warehouse, the storage and removal can be done using forklifts or shelf operation units, e.g. for the space-optimised storage of finished products on the FIFO principle
  • Picking storage
    Here, goods are picked by hand, using picking forklifts, or with shelf operation units. In small part picking, the shelf front can be ergonomically designed to provide short gripping paths with an optimised gripping curve, leading to short picking times, e.g. to put together customer orders on pallets.