Introduction centring

Depending on the conveyed items, operating unit and track length, the loading area may be equipped with a centring unit. Insertion centring (EFZ) is used to maintain placement of the conveyed items in the middle of the lane and oriented correctly.

Roller protection profile

The rollers are protected against impact in harsh industrial use, for example with the forks of the fork lift, by the roller protection profile (RSP). This massive component protects the rollers in the pallet loading area.

Fastening straps

To be able to screw the roller tracks onto different beam profiles from the shelving manufacturer, we have different fastening straps available (e.g. for beams or double T profiles). The first and last support beam is often implemented as an angle in order to secure the tracks horizontally.

Impact protection

Depending on the removal device, instead of a simple pallet end stop, an end stop with simultaneous impact protection function can be used, for example when using lift trucks.

Drive-on ramps

Depending on the operating unit, the use of drive-on ramps is recommended to reduce the lift distance.


Roller tracks are often used even without a shelf on the floor. For these applications, Rollex offers stably welded substructures with adjustable supported to compensate for unevenness in the floor (about ± 20 mm).