Rollex-Multi-Drive-Card (RMD-Card)

The Rollex Multi-Drive card (RMD card) simplifies the use of zero pressure systems. The internal logic of the RMD card controls the motors in such a way that they transport the conveyed materials without pressure or contact.

Simply by combining the individual components with the controller card (modular system), complex systems can be put into production quickly and cost-effectively, and any number of RMD cards can be installed one after the other.

The zero pressure circuit has internal logic. It is capable of communicating with other accumulation spaces to regulate the optimum material flow. The drive is connected only when a conveyed material is intended to run through the light barrier of the conveyor section. After leaving, the drive automatically shuts off.

That is, detection of individual conveyed materials is done by the Rollex Multi-Drive card (RMD card) using photoelectric sensors. Here, switching of the switch outputs is unnecessary, since standard PNP as well as NPN outputs can be used. The conveying direction can be approved centrally via a shared control signal. The logical direction of control automatically changes with the rotational direction of the motors, and can be defined in advance using the rotary encoder switch. Control is optionally possible using a standard bus system (e.g. Profibus) as well.

The motor function is provided with a run-time monitor (blocking protection). If a motor is turned off by the run-time monitor (about 10 sec), it is blocked until its light barrier is released.