Gravity Roller

Quick delineation of the article in question can be done by selecting the application "light", "average" or "heavy". Gravity rollers consist of the components bearing, shaft and tube, whereby the weakest element must be sufficiently dimensioned.

In addition to the type designation in the first column, the possible pipe diameter, materials that can be used, loads and bearing types are also displayed. The column headers can be clicked to sort the columns correspondingly.

Click on the PDF symbol in the last column to download the product data sheet with additional information.

You can find support for the selection of the right carrier rollers here.

Type Application Pipe Diameter Material Tube Loadcapacity in NMaterialRoller housing
Type 60light30-40Plastic, Steel
Type 50light16-40Plastic, Steel
Type 402WTheavy50-89Niro, Steel
Type 402WSTheavy80-133Niro, Steel
Type 402WSheavy64-133Niro, Steel
Type 402WOheavy63-133Steel, Niro
Type 402ST64-133Steel, Niro
Type 402K40-50Niro, Steel
Type 402heavy40-108Niro, Steel
Type 401medium40-50Steel, Niro
Type 400STheavy64-133Niro, Steel
Type 400heavy50-133Niro, Plastic, Steel
Type 320medium40-50Plastic, Niro, Steel
Type 302medium50-60Niro, Steel
Type 301medium50-89Niro, Plastic, Steel
Type 300medium50-90Steel, Plastic, Niro
Type 290medium40-90Niro, Steel
Type 270on RequestNiro, Steel
Type 260heavy64-108Steel, Plastic
Type 250heavy40-80Plastic, Steel
Type 220heavy50-80Steel, Plastic, Niro
Type 200medium30-80Niro, Plastic, Steel
Type 151light50-63Plastic, Steel, Niro
Type 150light50-63Plastic, Niro, Steel
Type 100light50-63Steel, Plastic, Niro
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