Brake Roller

Brake [carrier] rollers

The right combination of conveying weight, support or roller surface, material used, drop, and braking is decisive for a functional gravity roller track. For optimum continuous braking, Rollex offers brake elements with direct and indirect action. Brake rollers or brake carrier rollers regulate the speed of the conveyed materials on the gravity roller track. They keep the conveyed material at a constant speed downhill. The advantage of the Rollex brake carrier roller is in the spring-loaded suspension. This suspension presses the brake carrier roller permanently against the conveyed materials so, within a tolerance range, it can even conform to uneven surfaces on the conveyed material. The spacing between braking rollers and the right type of braking roller are influenced by multiple factors:

  • Construction and functional performance of the roller conveyor
  • Tilt of the roller track
  • Behaviour of the transport material (size, weight, sensitivity, skid material)
  • Intrinsic resistance of the brake roller
  • Environmental influences such as moisture, cold or heat

There is at least one brake roller required for each pallet slot because this is the only way to achieve controlled speed.

Indirect braking is preferable in many cases, since contact with the pallet is transmitted over two carrier rollers. Four springs provide this contact. To improve contact between the brake roller, carrier roller, and pallet, a self-adhesive friction coating can be applied to the carrier roller in the area of the brake roller.

Your application
Type Application Pipe Diameter Material Tube Weight conveyed uptoPrinciple
Type 700-80 80 1000 kgBrake Conveyor Roller
Type 710-120 120 1000 kgBrake Roller indirect
Type 710-86 86 500 kgBrake Roller indirect