Dynamic storage technology in focus.

There are things that especially manufacturing- and processing-companies face new challenges every day. This can cause high costs due to limited storage capacities, the organization of the internal flow of goods or the confusing storage of semi-finished and finished parts. In addition, the short lead times required, compliance with the FIFO principle to maintain the best-before date or the consumption-based internal logistics are often a burden. With modern, dynamic warehouse technology, you can focus more on your core competencies again and you avoid unnecessarily high costs as a result.

To help you with this, we at Rollex have decided to further expand the area of dynamic storage technology. Our own production offers the possibility of standardized design and production, but taking into account customer-specific features. Our partners and suppliers also guarantee the safe supply of purchased parts in consistently high quality.

With dynamic solutions from Rollex, warehouse principles such as FIFO and LIFO can be implemented perfectly. The portfolio also includes roller tracks for pallet transport, roller tracks, e.g. for Kanban applications, as well as components such as brake (load) rollers, universal rollers, etc.

Complete flow and slide-in racks are planned and delivered using a combination of specially produced roller conveyor elements and pallet racks from well-known manufacturers. The construction, if desired, can be implemented on time by a professional assembly team.

If you are planning a project and are looking for a company that understands you, we are there for you. Give us a call. Our technical sales department will work with you to find the best possible solution.

Even if you as a dealer need a strong partner and supplier from the spectrum of dynamic storage technology, we can support you with our expertise and provide you with our decades of experience.

We look forward to being active for you!

Your Rollex Team