Construction of zero pressure systems with RMD technology

The Rollex Multi-Drive Card (RMD card) in combination with the motor roller model 840-50 simplifies the construction of zero pressure systems.

Simply by combining the individual components with the controller card (modular system), complex systems can be put into production quickly and cost-effectively.

And any number of RMD cards can be installed in series.

The Rollex Multi-Drive card (RMD card) controls up to four motors and transports the conveyed material in a zero pressure manner within 4 sections.

The RMD card has a modular structure and can be arbitrarily extended, that is, multiple RMD cards can be connected that communicate with one another. The RMD card makes it possible to create cost-effective designs for the zero pressure conveying of materials.

The individual conveyed materials are detected by photoelectric sensors. Here, there is

no need to switch between switching outputs because standard PNP as well as NPN outputs

can be used. The conveying direction can be approved centrally via a shared control signal. The logical direction then automatically changes. The direction of rotation, however, can also be defined in advance using a rotary encoder switch.

Control is optionally possible using a standard bus system (e.g. Profibus) as well.

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