Motor roller 840-50

Motor Variation Gear Speed in m/s Torque in Nm
1 26,67:1 0,20-0,48 1,8
2 12,65:1 0,51-0,77 0,9
3 7,5:1 0,76-1,30 0,6

The Rollex motor roller model 840-50s was developed for use in continuous and zero pressure conveying systems, especially for the transport of small conveyor containers and cartons. It unifies the latest technology with reliable individual components to create a mature product.

Saving on all corners

The motor roller model 840-50 replaces the elements of conventional systems and combines the motor and controller into one roller. This makes additional mechanical parts such as motors, chains, or drive shafts superfluous. The roller must only be mounted in the roller track and connected to the external control card. This saves assembly time and costs, and minimises the space required.

Long service life, guaranteed

The extensively tested and mature technology makes it possible: The motor roller model 840-50 keeps up with conventional systems in terms of reliability and performance. Rollex guarantees good running performance!

Fast and low-noise

Conveying speeds of up to 1.3 m/s significantly increase material flow. Quiet running and low operating noises permit stress-free work.

Exact control

The combination of internal and external control card permits the flexible and exact adjustment of speed and direction so that materials arrive exactly when they are needed. That optimises material flow and guarantees maximum productivity.

You worry about the installation, we take care of the rest

The motor roller model 50 is delivered including an external control card.