Magnet roller with magnetic brake

Type 536E magnetic roller

Accessories: Drive system

The 536 carrier roller is a pallet roller with built-in electromagnetic clutch. Special advantages include high power and smooth start.

Diameter 88.9mm
Carrying capacity: about 1.200 kg (depending on the application)
24 V

The Rollex drive system simplifies the use of zero pressure systems. Simply by combining the individual components with the controller card (modular system), complex systems can be put into production quickly and cost-effectively.

The zero pressure circuit has internal logic. It is capable of communicating with other accumulation spaces to regulate the optimum material flow. The drive is connected only when a conveyed material runs through the light barrier of the conveyor section. After leaving, the drive automatically shuts off.

max. pallet weight in kg Max. torque in Nm Voltage in V DC Power in W Clutch diameter in mm
1.200 40 24 32 108