How does Zero Pressure System work?

Rollex zero pressure systems handle goods that are easily broken, scratched or damaged with care, conveying them safely without impact from A to B. All components for a zero pressure system can be purchased from the Rollex delivery program.

When is the use of zero pressure systems a good idea?
Zero pressure systems can be used wherever conveyed materials require careful handling and the conveyed materials must not come into contact with one another (e.g. wheel rims, painted goods).

If you want to transport very heavy materials, accumulation systems can generate too much pressure at the removal point making it difficult to remove materials. By using zero pressure systems, no accumulation occurs and the goods can be removed without problems.

For goods with uneven surfaces, transport problems can occur with conventional accumulation systems. Since zero pressure systems drive all conveyor elements, smooth transport is guaranteed. (e.g. automobile industry, frames, frozen goods)