TML drum motor 113

The TML 113 AC hybrid permanent magnet drum motor is characterised by energy-efficient operation, compact construction, low-maintenance operation, and high quality.

The best of both worlds: The hybrid technology

The TML 113 hybrid motor can be connected directly to the power grid or to a frequency converter. The TML 113 hybrid motor runs as an asynchronous motor and changes to synchronous mode upon reaching its rated speed.

Energy efficient and cost-effective

The TML 113 series already meets the requirements for the new IE4 efficiency class. The cost savings result solely from the fact that over 90% of the total costs are energy costs. The TML 113 hybrid motor has the advantage that in the partial load or freewheeling range the power drops, while for comparable asynchronous motors the rated current is always flowing.

The drum motor in the TML 113 series consumes about 35 % less energy than a comparable asynchronous motor. In an overall view, the costs for the TMS 113 drum motors are therefore lower than for an asynchronous motor.

Low-maintenance in operation

Due to lower heat generation, we provide these motors in an oil-free variant (no oil leaks).

The TML113 series is maintenance-free and delivers up to twice the power of an asynchronous motor of the same size. Depending on the variant, up to 600W (or 900W in 87Hz operation) can be achieved. The torque is transmitted through high-quality planetary gears and the speed can be varied using a frequency converter. The developed motors can be delivered with incremental encoders. With these options, the number of variants can be reduced. This simplifies purchasing, warehousing, design, and production of machines and systems.