Drum-motor MTM 82

MTM82 is a widely spread asynchronous motor. It can be connected directly to the power grid or to a frequency converter if changing the speed is required.

Low-maintenance in operation

We provide these motors in an oil-free variant (no oil leaks). The torque is transmitted through high-quality planetary gears.


With diameter 82 mm this motor can be used in various, simple applications. Whenever the initial costs are more important than a high energy efficiency during operation this solution can be the right choice. This motor can also extent the portfolio of user who work with the hybrid motor MTL (size 113 mm or bigger).


Diameter (mm) 82
Power (kw) 0,07 - 0,12
Force (N) 6-922
Torque (Nm) 0,23-37,8
Speed (m/min) 705-1
Speed (m/s) 11,7-0,02
Speed (U/min) 2.735-6
oil-free (no leakage)
steel or stainless steel construction
hardened steel planetary gear
with cable gland
maintenance free