Drum motors

Based on today's requirements for modern logistics applications, Rollex offers drives in the "drum motor" product line for many applications.

TM - drum motors

Energy-efficient operation, compact construction, low-maintenance operation and high quality at market-friendly prices are the principal characteristics of Rollex synchronous drum motors. The motors in the TM series, in comparison with asynchronously operating motors, are highly efficient are often used as a belt drive or in the food industry.

850-89 pallet motor rollers for conveyor systems

For applications in the area of piece goods conveyor systems (pallets, etc.), Rollex offers the space-saving, quiet, maintenance-free, easy-to-install asynchronous type 850-89 motor roller. The 850-89 motor is often used in the packaging industry, as a corner transfer unit, in floor tracks, for zero pressure systems or on conveyor carriages.