Conveyor roller selection

A carrier roller generally consists of the tube, shaft, and bearing assemblies. In principle, the material and variants of the components for rollers should be carefully selected to meet the specific requirements. What dimensions, weight, and properties does the conveyed material have, and what requirements are placed on the transport system?

Selection: Carrier roller | Powered rollers

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Sealing | Bearing | Bearing house | Shaft | Tube | Drive element

The result:

  • Roller length
  • Tube and shaft dimensions
  • Bearings
  • Shaft spacing
  • Conveying speed
  • Choice of material for the carrier roller assemblies
  • Selecting the drive element

The bearing, tube, and shaft variants should be selected so that the weakest component is suitable for the loads conveyed. Technical requirements such as electrical conductivity or consideration for ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, moisture, etc. must also go into the configuration.